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The Loft – “Potluck” Style

on September 8, 2014


The Loft is open, come on up!


The Loft: A weekly Hangout and Link Up for Christian bloggers
Graphic by Kerry Messer


Hello Loft buddies! This week is an online version of pot-luck. {Who doesn’t like variety?} Just link up the post of your choice and surprise us with the yummy when we visit!



About #TheLoft


The Loft is the place for conversation, community, networking, and Christian growth.

Each week we provide a topic to start the conversation.


PLEASE NOTE: We want to foster community and transparent conversation with one another, just like we’d do if we were meeting in real life. So we ask that your link stick to the weekly topic and that you mention The Loft in your post. Thank you so much!

Monday night, at 9pm Eastern, the linky goes live and all week you can link up your post on that week’s topic.

We’ll have fun topics, serious topics, practical, soul-ful, holiday, and so, so much more…we can’t wait to get started! This is not only a great way to connect with others, it’s also a fun and easy way to establish a writing habit. If you aren’t a blogger, you are welcome to join in by leaving your comments in the comment section.

So grab your coffee mug and come on up! Hang out for a bit. We betcha you’ll be glad you did.


To Participate:


1. Be creative. Feel free to use words, photos, video, audio, your family pet, whatever, to communicate on the weekly topic. But please stick to the weekly topic 🙂

2. Listen twice as much as you talk. If you leave one link, visit two. Trust us on this one~wink.

3. Be a community. Include #TheLoft graphic and/or link back in your post so we can find each other. Also, share the great stuff you find when you visit around…we’ll be doing the same.


The Loft Link Up


When you link up at The Loft, your link will appear on 5 blogs! We’d love for you to visit The Loft co-hosts and know who we are:




Now it’s time to link up!


This Week’s Topic: “Potluck” (Periodically, we’ll have a “potluck.” This is a blogging version of bring-your-own-dish. So pick a post and link up any post you want to share with our community!)

Next Week’s Topic: “Trust” (Opening another can of worms here, but let’s go there anyway~ wink. Is trust hard for you? Why or why not? What area are you struggling to trust God in? What have you learned about trust? The floor is open!)


Add Your Link Here:

9 responses to “The Loft – “Potluck” Style

  1. Rebeca Jones says:

    Hi Jen! Pardon me, but I am a techno-dummy. Can you explain, in little words, exactly how this link up thing works? In particular, do I just mention on my post, on my blog, where it is linked up? And is that supposed to link back here to your page? I would love to join in, but I’m afraid I am a tad slow to catch on here. 🙂

    • Well, I may not be much help since I’m a bit of a techno-dummy myself, haha. When you click on the link-up, you’ll be taken to another page where you’ll need to fill out a form, including the url of the specific post you want to link (not just your homepage url). Then, the easiest way to connect back to the Loft would probably be to insert the graphic either somewhere in your post or at the bottom of the post. You can do this by right clicking on the graphic and choosing “copy image from url.” Then, you’ll need to “edit” your post and choose “add media” at the top. When you get to the add media page, choose “insert from url” and paste the image url you copied into the box. Then, you will also need to choose the url that the image links to, which you can do at the bottom once under “Link to”. I usually choose “custom url” and then copy and paste the url address of the blog I’m linking back to. I hope that all makes sense. I’m not even sure that’s the best way to do it, but it’s the only way I know. If you know how to create a hyperlink, that might be easier for you. Just mention #TheLoft in your post and highlight those words to create a hyperlink back to the blog you are linking up with. Let me know if you have more questions! 🙂

  2. Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to share a link. I look forward to reading many of the other posts listed. My life has been crazy the last 3 weeks, so I had to post an older post of mine. God bless you all.

    • So glad to have you join us here, Anita! Our schedule has been extra crazy lately, too, but ready to slow down here soon. So, I’m sorry to be so late in reading your comment. I’m going to look for your post to read.
      Jen 🙂

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