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Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

on June 21, 2013



I often say that our youngest son, four years old, marches to the beat of a different drum.  He’s the baby of the family.  Born a mere minute after his twin sister, he remains somewhat of a mystery to me. He’s faced many trials in his young life already: a premature birth, an apnea monitor, an adverse reaction to immunizations resulting in a seizure disorder, a misshapen head requiring a corrective helmet, enlarged tonsils that interrupted sleep, removal of said tonsils that resulted in a brief hospitalization, and so on.

Despite said trials, he is my happy child, my cuddler, the one who pats my face gently, the one who seeks me out regularly just for a quick snuggle and then it’s back to playing.  He requires near constant physical touch.

And rhythm, oh does he have rhythm. I often wonder if he will be a conductor someday because the first body part to catch the beat is usually a hand.  He loves music, and he loves it loud.  His whole body is one with the cadence.

Out of all four children, he’s the one I have the least clue about.  Who will he grow up to be, this young boy? What drives him? When I think of him, I think of words like smile and touch and laughter.  He’s the son who gets crazy silly when he’s sleepy.  He’s the one who laughs at weird noises.  I once entertained him all the way through a grocery store trip by repeating a single phrase in a weird voice. “Do it again, mommy. Again!” And peals of laughter rang out all through the store.


To say I love him just isn’t sufficient. He’s oh-so-different, unique, precious to me. He doesn’t even have to do anything special to make me love him.  I just love him for who he is, even without completely understanding him, this boy who marches to the beat of a different drum. My love for him is overwhelming and fierce.  I would die for this boy.

And that’s how God feels about all of His children.

Jen 🙂

Five Minute Friday is a challenge, a free-writing exercise that takes place every friday over at  Join us! 🙂


19 responses to “Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

  1. Kelly S. says:

    This is such a beautiful post . . . a beautiful boy captured by a beautiful mama who understands him more than she lets on, knows what her baby loves. And thank you for adding in that last sentence, whether that was an afterthought or the ending you started writing for, it caught me and reminded me of the Father’s love, how He sees us with such tender compassion and knows each of us inside and out, our uniqueness, exactly how He created us. We are beautiful in Christ to Him.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Kelly. I didn’t set out with that last thought in mind – it just came as I was writing, wondering where I was going to go with it. I had a hard time getting started on this five minute friday! I guess I should have asked the Lord what He had in mind first because He knew all along. Thanks for stopping by!
      Jen 🙂

  2. Mia says:

    Dear Jen
    He has the most beautiful, soulful big eyes. Yes, we would die for our children and each one has a special place reserved just for that one in a mother’s heart. So much more do we as the children of our Pappa God have a special place in His heart.
    Much love XX

    • He does, doesn’t he?! 🙂 He has a very innocent look about him until he grins, and then he oozes mischief. Yes, I’ve learned so much more about the depth of God’s love for me by being a parent. Thanks for visiting!
      Jen 🙂

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  4. Linda Stoll says:

    you’ve captured God’s fiercely protective, all-encompassing love today, my friend … and those are the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen! blessings as you parents all your little ones …

  5. So beautiful, Jen, your love for this amazing boy! And yet God loves each of His children infinitely — what an amazing thought!
    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on Saved by Grace!
    Your blog is a blessing and I am now following it, and I invite you to follow Saved by Grace also:
    Love in Him,
    Laurie Collett

  6. Loved this post. It reminded me of my youngest. I always say, he makes up the rules as he goes along. His development happens at his pace and his own way…and is so evident of his character. He’s only 20 months old…but I can already see it’s going to be a wild ride with this one. He is very unpredictable.

  7. Alecia says:

    What beautiful big eyes he has! This reminds me of my daughter, she loves so many different things and definitely walks to her own beat 🙂 I’m always praying she doesn’t lose her quirkiness and doesn’t conform to what others say she should or shouldn’t be. I think it’s good to be different 🙂

  8. Very sweet post, Jen. As the mother of adults, I’m not sure we ever completely understand our children even when we think we have them pegged. I’ve been surprised at them as adults. The one who fought our values the most is the most closely living them. The one who seemed to have the most sensitive conscience, now has the least sensitive….It’s a mystery, but we always love them.

    I’m sorry your son has had to have so many difficulties in his young life, but it’s wonderful that he has taken them in stride. One of my grandsons has had digestive problems since he was born and isn’t allowed many of the foods his siblings can eat, but he also takes it in stride and is happy and loving. I can learn from him!

    • Sometimes I forget what all he’s been through because it was mostly in his first year of life, but he really has taken everything in stride. He’s a pretty easy-going boy and very much an observer. I’m sure I’ll have many surprises as my children mature! 🙂 And I agree – we can learn so much from children.
      Jen 🙂

  9. Sarah says:

    A smile to bless my morning … pure delight.

    Kinda enjoying our momma notes. I do hope you’ll come on over and link up again. Slip your fave recipe, notes of encouragement, birthday pics, all things gloriously mom, into the link up. Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.

    Be blessed bunches,

  10. Sooooo sweet!!! My youngest marches to his own beat, too. He does everything late. It worried me at first…since our first was a by-the-book kid (which pretty much sums up his whole personality…order, precision, tidy)….my youngest makes the rules up as he goes along…from milestones to personality. But he is sooooooo sweet and cute….and I wouldn’t change one thing about him…at all. 🙂

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